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Séminaires du CRC

  • Vendredi 1er Décembre, 12h00, Amphithéâtre Gustave Roussy 
    Christophe MAGNAN
    Université Paris Diderot CNRS UMR8251

    Brain lipid sensing and control of energy balance
    Invité par Pascal FERRE

  • Vendredi 8 Décembre, 12h00, Amphithéâtre Gustave Roussy
    Human Immunology Unit, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Médicine, University of Oxford

    Control of nucleic acid-sensing in health and cancer
    Nucleic acids are quintessential danger signals during sterile inflammation. Pathophysiological responses lead to the mislocalisation of nucleic acids to the extracellular space or the cytosol. Cells are equipped with sensors that detect this mislocalisation and relay a strong inflammatory signal, notably a type I interferon response. Although thought to be specialised for the detection of pathogenic nucleic acids, most sensors are unable to distinguish between self and non-self nucleic acids necessitating a tight regulation to prevent deleterious responses. In tumours, self nucleic acid-sensing is of particular importance to alert the immune system to the presence of danger. I have studied regulatory mechanisms that are at play at different stages of nucleic acid-sensing in healthy cells and during carcinogenesis. I will present three distinct ways by which this sensing and its resultant responses are controlled. These mechanisms take place at different levels: i. recognition of nucleic acids by sensors, ii. intracellular trafficking of the sensors, and iii. trafficking of the downstream target of RNA sensing, PD-L1 and its effect on T cell responses

    Invité par Isabelle CREMER 

  • Vendredi 15 Décembre, 12h00, Amphithéâtre Gustave Roussy 
    Daniel RICKLIN
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Basel, Suisse

    When a host defense system turns offensive : therapeutic intervention in complement-mediated disorders
    Invité par Lubka ROUMENINA/Véronique FREMEAUX-BACCHI


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