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Friday Seminar: Hélène FOHRER-TING & Sarah LEVESQUE 



Plateforme CHIC, Guido KROEMER's team

CRC UMRS1138  



Open access FlowSOM-based toolbox

for efficient, exhaustive and semi-supervised

phenotyping of immune cell populations 


Technological advances in cytometry are giving access to increasing qualitative and quantitative information at the single-cell level. Consequently, the large amount of data collected is rendering analysis an extremely complex, sub-optimal, and time-consuming task. To address this issue, several tools have been developed with the aim to automatize the visualization and interpretation of flow and mass cytometry data. One of these tools is FlowSOM, an R-based package that clusters cells according to their marker expression. We are building a novel package that applies FlowSOM clustering in a semi-supervised manner and offers extended visualizations of the cell clusters, together with integrated statistical evaluation. Overall, this novel tool releases unbiased, exhaustive, and efficient analysis of cytometry data.



Presentation by Sarah LEVESQUE



Invited by Maria-Chiara MAIURI & Jessica ZUCMAN-ROSSI

Friday December 13th 11h30

Gustave-Roussy Amphitheatre



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