Les Cordeliers , a research center

 The Cordeliers Research Centre (CRC ) is located rue de l' Ecole de Medicine in the 6th district of Pari . It was created in 2007 under the direction and under the impetus of Professor Hervé Fridman, a specialist of clinical immunology, under the joint supervision of the National Institute of Health and Medical Research ( Inserm), of the University Pierre et Marie Curie and the University Paris Descartes and in relation to the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the "Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes" (EPHE ).

A laboratory at the CRC (photo inserm) 

Currently headed by Professor Pascal Ferré, a specialist of energy metabolism , CRC consists of four hundred and fifty people in sixteen teams and two departments, " Physiology and Pathophysiology " and " Cancer, immunity, immunopathology ." These teams explore the major functions of the body, metabolism , circulation, excretion , vision, immunity and the organs involved , teeth, kidneys, immune cells, blood vessels, liver, adipose tissue, the endocrine pancreas, the eyes and the intestine. Associated pathologies such as vascular diseases, immune diseases , cancer, drug resistance, diabetes, obesity, dental and skeletal malformations are studied in animal models but also in humans due to the presence of numerous university hospital researchers in close relationship with the Paris hospitals. CRC also hosts a team specialized in medical information sciences. Entanglement between basic and clinical research is a prominent feature of the CRC with innovations in the field of biomarkers , production of therapeutic proteins or endocrine treatments.

Confocal microscope in the cellular
imaging platform (photo Inserm)
  The CRC has developed efficient technological platforms, functional exploration of small animal and transgenesis, biochemistry and genotyping, cell imaging and cytometry , all accredited ISO 9001 and open to external users.
CRC has a leading academic environment since it is backed by three of the largest French universities, the University Pierre et Marie Curie, University Paris Descartes and University Denis Diderot. CRC is actively involved in training and hosts 75 PhD students from eight graduate schools and 50 post- doctoral students from 20 different nationalities.
In addition , young high school and college students ( " Budding researchers " ) and elementary students ( "Destination lab " ) come throughout the year to discover research.
Ilôt de Langherans  montrant les cellules productrices d'insuline en rouge (photo Inserm prise au Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers)

Les Cordeliers , a place of history

Les Cordeliers during the medieval period, located along the wall of Philippe Auguste.












The Cordeliers Research Centre is located in the academic heart of Paris on a place of history. In the early 13th century, King Saint-Louis offered vineyards bordered by the Paris wall of King Philippe Auguste to Preachers of St. Francis : the Cordeliers, so named because of the rope which passes around their monastic dress. From the 13th to the 16th century, a monastery was built which had a church, two cloisters , gardens and a large refectory, the only building that remains today. This Franciscan community was a renowned teaching place in competition with other religious colleges located all around as the Jacobins or Bernardins colleges. At the time of the French Revolution in 1789, the Franciscan monastery is the gathering place of the "Club des Cordeliers , Society of Friends of Human Rights and the Citizen " with famous revolutionaries such as Danton, Marat and Camille Desmoulins . In 1795, the new School of Medicine and its hospital are installed in the cloister. From 1872 , the buildings were demolished to make way for the practical school of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris . The site , belonging in 1875 to the city of Paris , was vested in 1970 to the University. At present , Universities Pierre et Marie Curie and Paris Descartes continues to provide medical education on the site of the Cordeliers .
Between tradition and modernity, Welcome to the Cordeliers Research Center!

The present cloister and its garden

The present cloister

The refectory, the only building left from the original convent

The CRC, a centre of excellence

The quality of the research being conducted at the CRC is evidenced by the publication records, the participation of many teams to Networks of Excellence, European contracts and the many scientific collaborations on five continents.


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