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Paris, France
CDD ›Post-doc / IR
Lenght: 2 years
Beginning in: Spring 2016
City: Paris

 Inserm U 1138_Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers
T2D Pathogenesis : Cellular and Clinical Aspects

Inserm U1138, Team « T2D Pathogenesis : Cellular and Clinical Aspects»
Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers
15 rue de l’école de Médecine
15006 Paris
Metro Odeon

DeadLine: Je, 31/01/2016
Contact: Nicolas Ventelcef:


A 2 year postdoctoral/engineer position will be open in spring 2016 in the T2D pathogenesis Team of the Cordelier Research Center in Paris, France.

The position is aimed at a bioinformatician capable of taking charge of the computational aspects of a project to infer biologically coherent hypotheses regarding cistrome/epigenome profiles with a health-relevant role in diabetes and obesity (human and mouse). Data types include RNA-seq and ChIP-seq profiles of the target tissue and clinical parameters related to the disease condition.
Biological researchers in the unit have (and will) prepared and collected all samples (human and mouse) with associated clinical/metabolic parameters. This project begins with the computational processing and analysis of raw data files. Analysis methods must be adapted and refined as well as employed and results must be rigorously analyzed for biological meaning. Normalized tables from your analyses will be used to develop statistical methods in collaboration with lmathematicians/bioinformaticians from our industrial partner. However, we are actively seeking someone with experience in the genomics aspect of the project to serve as computational project leader. In summary, the following bioinformatic and social skills will be required of the successful candidate:
- Transcriptomics: microarrays and RNAseq
- Cistromic/epigenomic : ChIP-seq
- Tight interactions with biologists from the institute
- Tight interactions with mathematicians and statisticians from partners
The INSERM is the only French public research institute that is completely focused on human health. ( The Cordelier Research Centre (CRC) is a center of 16 different research teams working on Cancer and Metabolism. For more information, please visit the website of the institute :

- PhD in relevant discipline (computer science, molecular biology, biostatistics, mathematics or bioinformatics) and relevant, real-life experience
- Excellent programming/data analysis skills (with a preference for R).
- Familiarity with the fundamentals of molecular biology and willingness to learn biological concepts related to human health
- Enthusiasm and independence as well as the ability to work with others from different disciplines (biology, computation, mathematics/statistics).
- Must be able to read, speak and write in the English language.
Preference will be shown to candidates that also have experience with ChIP-seq data analyses.
This is an extremely challenging project that requires an individual with the motivation to lead the project, the desire to challenge existing pipelines and establish new analysis methods, the drive to explore the data and search for knowledge as well as the independence to successfully complete the project in a largely solitary manner. But we have the data and preliminary results are promising so for the right candidate, this can be a very successful project.
Starting Date: May-September 2016.
Salary Range: commensurate with experience.
To apply, please send cover letter, list of publications and CV to:

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