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Department 1

The Department " Physiology and physiopathology " is composed of 9 teams and has a unique specificity by combining strong expertises for the study of organ physiology including heart and vasculature, kidney, intestine, liver, pancreas, oral cavity and eye research and the study of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. It represents about 230 individuals. Research is also devoted to the study of ocular, dental, cardiovascular, renal and metabolic pathologies, including obesity and diabetes. Physiological integration is achieved by the interactions between the teams, allowing extensive studies of the various animal models that are developped on site. An extended animal phenotyping capacity has been developped on a dedicated platform. Moreover, specific emphasis towards translating preclinical research to novel therapeutic issues for patients is a hallmark of the teams involved in  this department. The teams are strongly associated with clinical departments in Paris hospitals: European Hospital Georges-Pompidou, Saint-Louis, Pitié-Salpêtrière and Rothschild.

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