Conferences at CRC

  • Friday, September 8th , 12h00,  FARABEUF amphitheater
    Soraya TALEB
    Centre de Recherche Cardiovasculaire, INSERM U970, Paris

    Deregulation of Indoleamine 2-3 dioxygenase (IDO) activity : a link between obesity/metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease
    Invited by Nicolas VENTECLEF

  • Friday,September  15th, 12h00, Gustave Roussy amphitheater
    Flore RENAUD-PAITRA & Stéphanie BERTRAND
    Laboratoire de Génétique et Biologie Cellulaire, Montigny-le-Bretonneux
    Stéphanie BERTRAND :
    BIOM UMR7232 CNRS/UPMC Banyuls-sur-mer

    Fibroblast growth factors : cell-to cell communication : from evolution to cancer
    Invited by Yves COURTOIS

  • Friday, September 22th , 12h00, FARABEUF amphitheater
    Dan R. LITTMAN
    Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Médicine, Pathogenesis Molecular, New York, USA

    Fine tuning of immune responses by the microbiota
    Invited by l'EATI (Catherine FRIDMAN, Guido KROEMER)

  • Friday, September 29th, 12h00, Gustave Roussy amphitheater
    Lam Son NGUYEN
    U 1163, IMAGINE, Hôpital Necker Enfants Malades, Paris

    Role of mIR-146a in differentiation and neural lineage identity determination of human progenitor stem cells : relevance for autism Spectrum disorders
    Invited by Chiara MAIURI

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