Conferences at CRC

  • Wednesday 5th September 12h00,   Pavillon 1, Bâtiment de la surélévation

    OHSU, Portland

    Distinguished lecture
    Manipulating Immune Responses in Solid Tumors: Lessons Learned from Mouse Models of Human Cancer

    Invited by EATI (Catherine FRIDMAN, Guido KROEMER)

  • Friday 7th September 12h00,   Gustave Roussy Amphitheater

    Elodie SEGURA
    INSERM U932, Institut Curie, Paris

    Functional specialisation of human antigen presenting cell subsets

    Invited by Maria-Chiara MAIURI

  • Friday 14th September, 12h00,  Gustave Roussy Amphitheater

    Young Investigators Seminar
    Sarah LEVESQUE (Team Apoptose, Cancer, Immunity)
    Benefit of caloric restriction mimetics (CRMs) to cancer chemoimmunotherapy

  • Friday 21st September, 12h00,  Faculty of Medecine GARANCIERE à 10h

    Kerstin GALLER
    University Hospital Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

    To be specified

    Invited by Stéphane SIMON Garancière 10h

  • Friday 28st September 12h00,   Gustave Roussy Amphitheater

    Sylvain CHEMTOB
    Professeur de pharmacologie et ophtalmologie à l'Université de Montréal, chaire de recherche du Canada en périnatologie/sciences de la vision

    To be specified

    Invited by Francine BEHAR-COHEN

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