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Séminaires du CRC


  •  Vendredi 3 Février, 12h00, amphithéâtre Gustave Roussy
    Francis BERENBAUM
    Hôpital Saint-Antoine, Paris

    Metabolic regulation of inflammation in osteoarthritis

    nvité par Sylvie BABAJKO

  • Vendredi 17 Février, 12h00, amphithéâtre Gustave Roussy
    Guillaume DARRASSE-JEZE
    Institut Necker Enfants-Malades, Paris

    Dendritic Cells and Cancer : Friends and Foes

    Of course, dendritic cells are essential for priming the adaptive immune response against malignant cells, but they also promote tolerance to tumors. So who does what, and when?
    Dr. Darrasse-Jèze will present and discuss the paradoxical role of various subpopulations of antigen-presenting cells in anti-tumor immune responses in mice and the implications for immunotherapy in humans.
    Invité par Isabelle CREMER

  • Jeudi 23 Février, 12h00, amphithéâtre Gustave Roussy
    Graciela DIAZ-TORGA
    IByME-CONICET, University of Buenos Aires, Argentine

    The pituitary TGFBéta system as a novel target for the treatments of resistant prolactinomas
    Invitée par François ALHENC-GELAS

  • Vendredi 24 Février, 12h00, amphithéâtre Gustave Roussy
    Jean-Sébastien HULOT
    Institute of Cardiometabolism & Nutrition, UMRS INSERM-UPMC 1166 ICAN, Paris

    Integrating biological therapies for myocardial recovery

    Ischemic heart failure is growing epidemic caused by cardiomyocyte depletion. During the last years, different attempts have been made to transplant new cardiomyocytes or protect the remaining cardiomyocytes. However, several new strategies have been recently proposed to promote endogenous heart regeneration or reciprocally limit fibrotic transformation of the myocardium. New data supporting these approaches will be reviewed during this presentation
    Invité par Ronan ROUSSEL

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