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Publication dans Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences de François Brial

Equipe de Dominique GAUGUIER, "Génomique Fonctionnelle de phénotypes complexes

Implication of gut microbiota metabolites in

 cardiovascular and metabolic diseases


Francois Brial, Aurélie Le Lay, Marc-Emmanuel Dumas, Dominique Gauguier



Evidence from the literature keeps highlighting the impact of mutualistic bacterial communities of the gut microbiota on human health. The gut microbita is a complex ecosystem of symbiotic bacteria which contributes to mammalian host biology by processing, otherwise, indigestible nutrients, supplying essential metabolites, and contributing to modulate its immune system. Advances in sequencing technologies have enabled structural analysis of the human gut microbiota and allowed detection of changes in gut bacterial composition in several common diseases, including cardiometabolic disorders. Biological signals sent by the gut microbiota to the host, including microbial metabolites and pro-inflammatory molecules, mediate microbiome–host genome cross-talk. This rapidly expanding line of research can identify disease-causing and disease-predictive microbial metabolite biomarkers, which can be translated into novel biodiagnostic tests, dietary supplements, and nutritional interventions for personalized therapeutic developments in common diseases. Here, we review results from the most significant studies dealing with the association of products from the gut microbial metabolism with cardiometabolic disorders. We underline the importance of these postbiotic biomarkers in the diagnosis and treatment of human disorders.



Gut microbiome Transgenomic interactions Symbiotic bacterial systems Metabolic networks Metabolic modeling Metabolomics Microbiota Complex diseases Animal models


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