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Personalized MEdicine, Pharmacogenomics, Therapeutic OPtimization (MEPPOT)

Our research is dedicated to the improvement of personalized medicine, mainly in the cancer field through 3 axes. Our first research axis is centered on the elucidation of the diversity of different tumor types (colon, lung, pancreas) through molecular profiling of large collections of tumors. Part of these studies is carried out in collaboration with the French League Against Cancer (“identity card” research program) and is made possible thanks to our close links with European Georges Pompidou Hospital (HEGP). A second axis is the development of new biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis in various cancers (colon, lung, pancreas, stomach, ovary). This axis encompasses basic science for the identification step, technology development (microfluidic tools) to optimize detection, large-scale validation and transfer to the clinics (e.g. detection of miR31 as a predictive and prognostic factor for the response to anti-EGFR therapy in colon cancer). We are also developing liquid biopsy monitoring approaches that allow detection of rare, non-targeted genetic or epigenetic alterations for patient follow-up. Finally, we developed a therapeutic axis, which focuses on the design of innovative suicide-gene strategies for cancer and we are applying pharmacogenomics to improve the efficacy of existing anti-cancer treatment. We are also exploring molecular pathways sustaining the cell response to various types of stress, notably those promoted by immunosuppressive and anti-cancer drugs.

Our approaches combine deep molecular and phenotypic analysis of tumors including its microenvironment with a large range of cutting edge methods including high depth/highly sensitive NGS and transcriptomic analyses (including droplet-based single cell analysis). Liquid biopsies analyzes are performed through innovative procedures such as droplet-based digital PCR or optimized NGS. Our work is strongly built on several large cohorts of patients obtained thanks to our participation to several trials (promoted by AP-HP, FFCD, etc.) or national and international multi-centric collaborations. Our approaches also include in silico bioinformatics studies through several collaborations including the French League Against Cancer (‘identity card” research program). Cell-based studies including bulk or single cell analysis within 2D and 3D cultures are also central to our research. Microfluidic systems are central to many developments and translational research performed in the laboratory. Various animal models are also used for example to validate developed therapeutic strategies.

The team is composed of three groups:
1/ Pharmacogenomics & Therapeutic optimization (Head: P. LAURENT-PUIG HDR PU-PH)/S. MOUILLET-RICHARD HDR CR1 INSERM)
2/ Signaling and Metabolism (Head: N. PALLET HDR, MCU-PH)/F. DJOUADI HDR, DR INSERM)
3/ Translational Research and Microfluidics (Head: V. TALY HDR DR2 CNRS)

Team Leader:  Pr P. LAURENT-PUIG (PU-PH; Univ Paris Descartes)

Team deputy Director:

Team Members:

Researchers: Jérôme ALEXANDRE (PU-PH; Univ Paris Descartes),  Jean BASTIN (DR; Inserm),  Jean-Baptiste BACHET (MCU-PH; Sorbonne Université), Anne-Sophie BATS (PH; AP-HP), Philippe BEAUNE (PU-PH em; Univ Paris Descartes), Hélène BLONS (PU-PH; Univ Paris Descartes), Valérie BOIGE (PH; Gustave Roussy), Kariman CHABA (IE, Univ Paris Descartes), Isabelle DE WAZIERS (CR; Inserm), Fatima DJOUADI (DR; Inserm), Elizabeth FABRE (PH; AP-HP), Marie-Anne LORIOT (PU-PH; Univ Paris Descartes), Sophie MOUILLET-RICHARD (CR; Inserm), Céline NARJOZ (PH; AP-HP), Nicolas PALLET (MCU-PH; Paris Descartes), Géraldine PERKINS (PH; AP-HP), Camilla PILATI (MCU; Univ Paris Descartes),  Julien TAIEB (PU-PH; Univ Paris Descartes), Aziz ZAANAN (PH; AP-HP).

Technical Staff: Camille BOURREAU (Tec; FFCD), Dia COLY (Adj Tec; Inserm), Audrey DIDELOT (AI, FFCD), Delphine LE CORRE (IE Inserm), Catherine MARCHETTI (AI; Univ Paris Descartes); Claire MULOT (IE; Inserm), Philippe NIZARD (IR; Univ Paris Descartes), Virginie POINDESSOUS (IR; Inserm); Shufang RENAULT (IR; Univ Paris Descartes).

Young Researchers: François AUDENET (PhD Student), Yohan BIGNON (Post-Doc), Léonard JAGOT-LACOUSSIERE (Post-Doc), Thomas JET (PhD Student), Roberta MENEZES (PhD Student) ; Benjamin NAYAGOM (PhD Student), Geoffroy POULET (PhD Student).

Administration : Sonia ESTEVES (Tec; Univ Paris Descartes)

Contact details : 33 1 76 53 43 80 ;   email


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