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Metabolism, Cancer & Immunity

Our team "Metabolism, Cancer & Immunity" is interested in the comprehension of intracellular and extracellular stress pathways following an “inside-outside” communication that must be deciphered in its molecular details. Organellar stress pathways (that operate inside cells) give rise to cellular manifestations (apoptosis, autophagy, ferroptosis, necroptosis, senescence etc.) that in fine cause alterations in the extracellular milieu (outside cells) via the active or passive release of metabolites and macromolecules that act on receptors on neighboring cells and cause homeostatic or pathogenic reactions via inflammatory/immune or neuroendocrine pathways. By deciphering the rules that determine the “inside-outside” communication of stress, we attempt to understand the pathophysiology of aging and aging-related morbidities, placing special emphasis on cancer and its treatment with chemotherapy or immunotherapy. We attempt to achieve these goals by using metabolomics and cell biological high-throughput technology within a continuum between fundamental, pharmacological translational and clinical research. In synthesis, our main interest is the comprehension of pathways that link cellular stress to organellar and organismal pathophysiology, laying special emphasis on the anticancer immune response, including its control by the intestinal microbiota. We are also interested in major metabolic perturbations (such as obesity & metabolic syndrome) that cause human disease, as well as in the pathophysiology of the two most frequent lethal monogenetic human diseaes, which are cystic fibrosis and Wilson disease.


Team Leader : Guido KROEMER (PU-PH; Univ Paris Descartes)


Team Members:

Researchers: Maria CASTEDO (CR; Inserm),  Olivier KEPP (CR; Inserm), Maria Chiara MAIURI (CR; Inserm), Mojgan MERGNY (CR; Inserm), Antoine TESNIERE (PU-PH; Univ Paris Descartes), Laura SENOVILLA (CR; Inserm), Thierry SOUSSI (PU, Sorbonne Univ), Sabrina SPAGGIARI (Chargée Etudes; Gustave Roussy), Naoufal ZAMZAMI (CR; Inserm).

Technical Staff: Fanny APRAHAMIAN (Tec; Gustave Roussy), Sylvère DURAND (IR; Gustave Roussy), Appoline GEOLIER (Adj Tec; CDD), Lorella GHONEIMI (Adj Tec; Paris Descartes), Margerie KREMER (IE; CDD), Sylvie LACHKAR (IE; Inserm), Marion LEDUC (IE; CDD), Deborah LEFEVRE (Tec, Gustave Roussy), Isabelle MARTINS (IR; Gustave Roussy), Allan SAUVAT (IE; Paris Descartes), Valentina SICA (IR; Gustave Roussy), Gautier STOLL (IR; Paris Descartes), Erika VACCHELLI (IR; Gustave Roussy).

Young Researchers: Gerasimos ANAGNOSTOPOULOS (PhD Student), Elisa Elena BARACCO (PhD Student), Lucilla BEZU (PhD Student), Francesca CASTOLDI (PhD Student), Giulia CERRATO (PhD Student), Guo CHEN (Post-Doc), Fatima DE PALMA (PhD Student), Jiayin DENG (PhD Student), Giorgio FREGA (PhD Student),  Juliette HUMEAU (PhD Student), Adrien JOSEPH (PhD Student), Antoine LAFARGE (PhD Student), Julie LE NAOUR (PhD Student), Sarah LEVESQUE (PhD Student),  Peng LIU (Post-Doc), Omar MOTINO (Post-Doc), Juliette PAILLET (PhD Student), Juncheng PAN (PhD Student), Maria PEREZ LANZON (PhD Student), Adriana PETRAZUOLO (PhD Student), Jonathan POL (Post-Doc), Jiayin QI (PhD Student), Yan WANG (Post Doc), Alejandra WU CHUANG (PhD Student), Wei XIE (PhD), Liwei ZHAO (Post-Doc).


Administration: Lynda BENNACI (AI; Inserm)

Contact details: 33 1 44 27 76 67  email



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