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I don’t have any badge to access the CICC. Who should I ask to get one ?

The CICC does not control the badges. Make a request to General Secretary, Tarik Rerzki.


I only need to use the CICC instruments occasionally. Should I still fill in a project form ?

Yes. The project form was established in order to better know our users and better help them throughout their projects.

I don’t have any login. Can my colleague book a time slot for me ?

No. If you don’t have one, contact us and we’ll book the instrument for you. We want to know all CICC users. Moreover, the planning is checked when we establish monthly billing.


My login does not allow me to book the instruments. Why ?

Only authorised and autonomous users have the right to reserve time on the instruments. Check with the engineer in charge to acquire this right. 


Why my colleague can’t train me ? <

When users train other users, important information can be lost or transformed. Only training organised by the platform staff member allow to maintain the equipment in an optimal condition, and training is adapted to user’s exact needs.


I’m doing the same experiment as my colleague. Can I use his user account ?

We require a user account for each user. Each log is registered in a file that is used for the monthly billing. On all instruments, it is possible to save a template experiment, which can be imported in another user account.


How is billing established ?

Billing is established by half-an-hour period. Only acquisition sessions are billed. When available, the log file is used as a base. However, we use the login book and on-line booking system to double-check.


Can I ask the platform staff to turn ON an instrument for me ?

User is responsible for instrument start up, cleaning and shut down. However, if you ask us, and providing we are here, we can turn on an instrument for you.


Vacation season approaches. Will there be someone to answer my questions if needed ?

As part of the quality management process, we are doing our best to insure continuous service on the platform so that there will be someone able to address issues when they arise. If you want to be trained on an instrument, please plan ahead with the engineer in charge. For your convenience our availability is indicated on a planning in the “staff availability” onglet.


How can I get my data back ?

USB keys can’t be put on computers that are connected to the instruments. Our computers are in network so that you can get your data from a computer in an office.


What is a Flow-Jo dongle ?

It is a USB stick with a serial number allowing the use of Flow-Jo software from any computer Mac or a PC. Downloading the software is free of charge.


FLOW CYTOMETRY: what other softwares can I use to analyse my data ?

We have Flow Jo licences. Flow Jo can be used in association with spice and/or R.


FLOW CYTOMETRY: I always do the same experiment. Can I compare them ?

Cytometers, like all machines, can derive over time. Comparing experiments requires taking into account these variations. Please, contact the engineer in charge in order to do the “application settings”. Quality control will be done on the machine at this moment and each time you will run the same type of experiment: let us know in advance.


Can I quantify the surface expression of a molecule using flow cytometry ?

Oui, mais cela reste semi-quantitatif et requiert d’établir une courbe de calibration des « équivalents fluorescences » à l’aide de billes. Nous contacter pour cela.


CELL IMAGING: how can I do to open my images ?

Images from the confocal microscope or fluorescence microscope (“.lsm” and “.zvi” files ) can be read with Fiji or image J. This two softwares are free and work both on Mac and PC.


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