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Navigation and accessibility help

Keyboard shortcut

Keys combination to validate shortcuts depending on browsers :

  • Internet Explorer on Windows 7 : Alt Shift [Keyboard shortcut], then Enter ; 
  • Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and above : Alt [Keyboard shortcut], then Enter;  
  • Mozilla, Netscape, K-Meleon , FireFox, Chrome on Windows: Alt Shift [Keyboard shortcut] ;
  • Opera 7 on Windows, Macintosh and Linux : Shift Escape [Keyboard shortcut] ;
  • Safari 1.2 on Macintosh : Ctrl  [Keyboard shortcut] ;
  • Mozilla, Netscape on Macintosh : Ctrl  [Keyboard shortcut] ;
  • Galeon, FireFox on Linux : Alt  [Keyboard shortcut] ;

Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror , Omniweb, Safari before the version 1.2, Opera Windows for Linux before the version 7, do not support keyboard shortcut. 

Keyboard shortcuts programmed on the site :

  • " 0 " brings you to the website homepage ;
  • " 1 " allows you to access directly to the website main navigation (only in text or css off mode) ;
  • " 2 " allows you to skip all navigations and go to the main page content (only in text or css off mode).
  • " 3 " selects the search engine input field;
  • " 4 " brings you to the site map ;
  • " 5 " brings you to the Navigation and Accessibility page;
  • " 6 " contrast settings 
  • " 7 " brings you to the contact page ;

Rapid access links

These links provide direct access to the different website areas like the main menu, the main content or the search engine.
Particularly for people using a voice synthesizer or keyboard browsing [Tab­­­].

Keyboard browsing

We can navigate from link to link using the Tab key, press [Tab] and repeat until the desired link is selected, press [Enter] or [Shift] [Tab] to move from link to link. 

Graphic charter

The graphic charter has been defined and implemented taking into account the accessibility parameters : Do not give the information only by color and use high enough colors contrast or modify it with the contrast tool management.

Customize the information presentation

How to increase the font size ?

  • With Internet Explorer : Go on the display menu/Text size and choose the desired size or simultaneously press CTRL and + for increase the size and CTRL and - for decrease. 
  • With Mozilla FireFox : simultaneously press the keys :
    CTRL and + to increase the size;
    CTRL and - to decrease;
    CTRL and 0 to back to the initial size.

Apply the custom style sheet.

The website presentation may be specified with alternative style sheet defined by the user.

An alternative style sheet is defined from the browsers display menu who support alternative styles :

  • Firefox, Mozilla : Display menu / page style;
  • Opera 7 : Menu style;
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 : With the tools menu / Internet options / General tab / Accessibility.

Contrast modification.

You can change the website contrast. Simply choose a text color and an other for the background. You can adjust the colors to your liking.

Pages printing

All pages on the website are printable by clicking on the "printing" icon on your browser or on the printing button/link on your page. These will be treated to make them compatible with the paper medium.

Browser Compatibility

The website development complies with the technical standards established by the W3C for the internet according to the constraints related to the evolution of it. So the accessibility standards defined in the ADAE repository and WAI standards set by the W3C consortium.

Site conforme à la norme XHTML 1.0               Site conforme à la norme CSS 2               W3C WAI-AA  WCAG 1.0

Therefore this website will offers the best of himself with different browsers.

An access for all, an universal access to information

Allow the access to all to information and services within the Cordeliers Research Center website is a normal act of digital communication. This universal access, also called "Digital accessibility", allows access to information regardless of the way you access the Web. This especially allow to disabled people to see all the information, but also simply use the online services. This will allow blind people to read information, quadriplegic using their specific equipment (voice command, pipette, etc...) to navigate normally on the website, but also for visually impaided users to be able to increase the font from their keyboards, for the colorblind to not be disturbed by the used colors, etc...

So the web universality allow people to customize their access to information, for the oldest to keep an independent access to information or for the nomadic to enquire anytime, anywhere.

Accessibility, how does it work?

Put an accessible website online is primarily a special attention when designing the website and a team motivation who update, daily, contents. But it is also a will to respect the norms and standards which, at national and international level, define the digital accessibility and web interfaces quality.

Compliance with these standards is now to comply with the Electronic Developement of Administration Agency (ADAE) accessibility standards.
This repository consists of 92 criteria divided into 3 levels. The first level corresponds to an accessibility warranty, includes 55 criteria themselves divided into 13 chapters.
The respect of accessibility is to ensure that each page online, each published content, scrupulously respect all of these criteria.

This is from the strict compliance that we allow everyone to visit the website with his own equipment, his particularities or even his habits.
So whatever your browser, the information remains available. Blind people can also use technical aids, software that reads the contents and presented information on the screen and therefore listen through a voice synthesis or read a proposed braille text.
An effort was also made on the text drafting for their accessibility and readability are further improved.

Accessibility is not a multitude of treatments or a specific set online but a work on the same content availability quality to all.

A responsible approach

But beyond a human and quality approach, open an accessible website is also the answer to a legal obligation. The section 47 of the 11 February 2005 Act on equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people states :

« The online public communication services, local authorities and public institutions who depend on it must be accessible to persons with disabilities. ».

Similarly, many European directives require to respect a free access to information for all without any discrimination : it is also that the digital accessibility.

But beyond the need to respect the law, respect for all and accessibility guarantee to information is part of an environmental quality logic and sustainable development. This axis allows to consider the information and the services access such as property belonging to everyone and therefore available to all.

AccessiWeb working group

It is for all these reasons that Com6 is a member of the AccessiWeb working group (GTA) and count an Accessiweb Expert in Evaluation (EAE) in his team.

To find out more about accessibility :

Compliance demand

If you encounter any browsing difficulties, information access or an omission in any page of the site, despite the actions that we conducted, we invite you to contact our services.


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