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New User

Step1 : Identify the CICC resource(s) that you need.

You already planned experiments you wish to conduct, and you need access to CICC resources or you need help in designing or interpreting your experiments? CICC staff will be happy to discuss your project with you, and recommend to you tools and processes. The more information you can gather about what you need to do before you start, the more productive your time at the CICC will be.

Step 2 : Introductory course in flow cytometry, cell imaging or image analysis (optional).

Depending on your level of expertise, we may advise you to take the introductory course we organize twice a year. We recommend that you take this course not too long before the start of your project at the CICC.

Step 3 : Contact CICC staff.

Email or call the core facility manager as well the platform specialist you need to use. Come and discuss in person your project.

Step 4 : Submit the project form and sign our internal policies document.

After reading our internal policies, please print a hard copy of the user agreement and sign it.
With us, you will fill out the project form. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we will keep it updated all throughout our collaboration.
If you are an external user, please fill out the external user form. (télécharger document CICC-Fiche Utilisateur Externe.pdf).  This form will provide us with the necessary billing information, and must be returned to us before you start.

 Step 5 : Schedule on-site equipment training.

You are ready to plan the different steps of your experiment. Schedule a training session. For complex experiments, we strongly recommend that you plan a test run. The amount of work and the frequency of the experiments will determine the training that you will receive.

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