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New User

Step1: Identify the CHIC resource(s) that you need.

CHIC staff members are available to discuss your project with you, and recommend to you the adapted equipment and good practices.

Step 2: Introductory course in flow cytometry, cell imaging or data analysis (optional).

Before starting your project at the CHIC, you can take advantage of the  introductory course we organize twice a year.

Step 3: Contact CHIC staff.

Contact us by e-mail and come discuss with us your project. The more information you can gather about what you need to do and what information you want to extract, the more productive your time at the CHIC will be.

Step 4: Submit the project form and sign our internal policies document.

After reading our internal policies, please print a hard copy of the user agreement and sign it.
Together, we will fill in the project form. This help ensure we can continuously provide you with the best service.
If you are an external user, please fill out the external user formand return it to us before you start.

Step 5: Schedule on-site equipment training.

Training is carried out by staff members only and depending on the complexity of your experiments, may require several sessions. Booking access will be granted once you have validated the training process with us.

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