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Imaging and Cytometry

Our expertise :

Cell Imaging and flow Cytometry (analysis and cell sorting)
The CICC is open to all CRC research members and university partners (UPMC, UPD and Université Paris Diderot), as well as external users.  

Our mission :

Our service include:
Providing technical assistance in acquiring microscopy images and flow cytometry experiments.
Extensive training in top-benched equipment
Personalized help in designing and interpreting experiments
Collaborate with research teams to develop unique methods and capabilities.

The CICC’s internal policies are given in the following document: Internal policies.pdf.

Partners :



Publications containing work performed in the core facilities or requiring significant collaboration from platform staff members should use the following guidelines for acknowledging the core facility.
Acknowledge the core facility contribution for « standard » services.
Consider authorship for more significant intellectual and planning contributions.
Let us know when something is published or a grant is awarded so that we can track publications and grants.

This is crucial for continued support for the core facility, both for external funding agencies and internal institutional support.

Contacts us :

Scientific Director
Dr. Chiara MAIURI
Tel : 33 1 44 27 92 06


Technical and operational manager
Estelle Devêvre
Tel : 33 1 44 27 37 44



 Cytométrie en Flow cytometry specialist Manager of CRC Core facilities
Hélène Fohrer-Ting
Tel : 33 1 44 27 37 44



Cell Imaging specialist
Christophe Klein
Tel : 33 1 44 27 37 87


Find us :

 Campus du Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers
15 rue de l’école de Médecine
Métro 4 et 10 : Odéon
Bus : 38, 21, 27, 85, 63, 86, 87, 96.

Welcome to CICC !

The CICC is located on the ground floor of the « couloir de la Surélévation ». See the campus map.

Access to the CICC is restricted from 9 to 6 PM.
After hours access is possible only to authorized, autonomous users who have followed the « isolated worker procedure ». Contact the core facility manager to identify yourself.

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