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Theory-based training

CICC staff organizes three theory-based training sessions throughout the year: flow cytometry; cell imaging; and image analysis. Training sessions for flow cytometry and cell imaging occur twice a year, while training sessions for image analysis are more frequent (3-4 times/year). The goal of these sessions is to provide users with no or very little knowledge of these techniques, the necessary tools and concepts to plan a basic experiment.

These trainings typically take place in March and November.


Equipment training

Users may request training on an instrument.
IMPORTANT: Training on instruments is provided exclusively by CICC staff. Users are not authorized to train their colleagues.

Training can be organized for the following instruments on a per need basis. You must have completed a project form and submitted it to us.

  • Confocal microscope LSM710
  • Fluorescence microscope Axiovert 200M
  • Slide Scanner
  • Laser Microdissector AS LMD
  • Cryostat CM3050S
  • Luminex
  • Flowcytometer Gallios
  • Flow Cytometer LSR II
  • Elispot
  • AutoMACS


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